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Hyperhire is a global HR research & consulting firm founded in Nov 6th, 2018

HR Tech Startup based in S. Korea and India.

Founded in 2018, Hyperhire is actively involved in providing qualified and suitable candidates to organizations across pan India. We aim to provide best-fit staffing solutions to IT and non-IT sector, especially industries struggling with the amount of unscreened candidates - Marketing, Development, Sales, HR, Finance, Engineering, Machine Learning. We work closely with our clients to meet their needs, find and attract talent with relevant skills and experience.

Industries we're good at







Machine Learning

Services We Offer

Hire top talent

General Staffing/ Professional Staffing

Based on our network analysis AI, we exactly target candidates who are from client's preferred companies.

Mixing human intelligence and AI, we can handle the need gap between clients and us.

Services We Offer

AI Screening

We use AI screening technology in headhunting. AI screening mainly has 2 strengths - Cost-effectiveness and Accuracy.

We've worked on analyzing networks to provide accurate screening service through our AI algorithms.


Mixing human intelligence and AI, we can handle the need gap between clients and us.

General Staffing

Professional Staffing

AI candidate screening service

Turnkey solutions to HR needs

Allow us to access your pool and add to it our pool of resources and make an informed shortlisting so that what reaches you is the final set of candidatures for your evaluation.

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